Contracts for the Cross-Border Lawyer: Canada and the United States is a 4-volume collection of leading Canadian and U.S. cases and other materials I edited for use by students in my class, "Canadian & U.S. Contracts."  The class is a two-semester, 6-credit course that is required of all students in the Dual J.D. program jointly offered by the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and the University of Detroit Mercy Law School.

International Construction Arbitration Handbook is a how-to guide for practitioners and arbitrators. John Hinchey and I co-authored this book in 2008 and update it annually.  An electronic version is available on Westlaw (database identifier "ICAHB").

In 2019, the International Chamber of Commerce Commission on Arbitration and ADR updated its influential Final Report on Construction Industry Arbitrations. John Hinchey and I were asked to review a draft of the Final Report and subsequently published a summary of the major changes: "ICC Issues New Guidelines for Arbitrating International Construction Disputes." 

Ontario recently adopted significant changes to its Construction Act, many of which are under consideration for adotpion elsewhere in Canada.  A number of U.S. contractors have operations in Canada, so my article, Know Before You Go: What U.S. Lawyers Should Know About Ontario's New Construction Act describes some of the key differences between Canadian and U.S. law on the subject.